The Power of Finance

We view money as something needed to be stuck up on our wallets, on empty pockets and on huge banks and mighty storage volts; we view is as a lifelong necessity as a medium of buying things we needed to survive and for some, things needed to satisfy their wanting and intermittent desires. Though very vital as it seems, money is also tagged as the “root of all evil” buying everything it touches including a person’s sane judgment and a human’s naturally good natured heart. Still, overall, money truly has an impact to our lives and does makes it a significant value.
Alex Magno of the local Philstar press does a review on Greece’s current situation which is rather a hardly organized one and one that truly needs careful rehabilitation. Though the article is too complicated to be understood by a lay person, still, it all boils down to the point that financial value plays a role for all the recovery needs of Greece by this time. It was able to achieve an emergency relief package which contains over a filthy 150 billion dollars but the sad thing is, this needed package has something more for in exchange of its acquisition; the former country needs to agree with certain an austerity providing for an agreement to be undertaken by a social government management with is more expected to bring new changes and troubles for Greece.