Some Fall backs on Ping

iTunes was concurrently updated in the same manner the whole Apple system and products were revamped; iTunes got its newest blue bubble icon, has the theme, buttons and navigational options reinvented, it has a new downloadable freebie called the iTunes10 the latest version, that includes the talk of the town, newly invented Ping inspired through various co-existing softwares and social networking sites. Various news, articles and blogs were made to press the said iTunes application as it has duly attempted to spice up the iTunes world by streaming and following other connected person’s music choices to give you more and more preferences of these people you look up to, iTunes’ Ping works more like a social media store being able to find friends, to follow, to lurk or just to exist in the line of activities; It was praised before because of the privacy statements and options it has offered way better than the two monsters in online social sites.
But today, Pete Cashmore, a special CNN author goes the other way around: identifying the not so nice facts anbout the application. He opens it with a statement saying “Ping is currently just another way to follow Lady Gaga”; true enough it may be is, Ping seem to give limited and poor selections by its personally proclaimed “genius” attributed served to work out as a means to find other existing music choices relative to a certain user’s preferred genre based on recent purchases, on friends, and on mostly streamed music selections. Disappointing it might be, but Ping directs all other given genre to old and same options such as Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and such instead of giving a wide array of fresh and various ideas.