Power Abusers

Any person who has a higher position over others would always have the tendency to mistreat the authority and power they possess. My clinical instructor could make my lesbian confessed girl friend stand over an eight hour shift just because he doesn’t really like the way my friend looks like even at the first time he saw her, the security guard over our school’s campus gates could playfully send a student home anytime he wants the trick done for just a cranky smile… people seem to enjoy this advantages they have over their minorities.
What spells power and authority? it could mainly be wealth assisted, having a huge top ranking position in any body, owning a huge company, being linked to political or other powerful people giving you the same equal power he/she possesses and many other means to self proclaim you as untouchably powerful but as for Fox New’s chief Roger Alies, it is his position that gave him all the rights he thought he could have to openly despise and give biased critics on the the administration through airing these concepts on media. A lot of viewers and highly observing people have already noticed all these unfairly opinionated news reports on the government aired almost once in a while but chose to be quiet but now says let the honest journalists take over.